Sunday, 21 April 2013


For me, to help me clarify my thoughts, to assess my progress – or otherwise – and to look back on what worked, what didn’t and what might.
For other first-timers who are publishing, or considering doing so – who just might laugh a little, learn a little, and avoid some of my mistakes.   
For the world at large – hoping some of you will find my experiences of interest, and maybe chip in with ideas and suggestions of your own.
Publish on Kindle, for free? Sounded too good to be true! I looked into it, and discovered that yes – it is true. Not only true, but publishing looked amazingly easy. I ploughed through the publishing section on the Amazon site and formatted my book as per instructions. A few hitches with the table of contents were quickly sorted.
So far, so good. Now for the scary part. I am computer literate to a point – very comfortable with email, word processing, searching the web, ordering goodies on-line - but this was a whole new ball-game. Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained!
Equipped with formatted book file, computer and IT-knowledgeable friend Elisabeth, I sat down to do the great deed. A moment of panic when the system demanded something called an IBAN in order to pay my royalties. Elisabeth calmed me down and a close examination of my bank statement discovered said IBAN lurking quietly in the top corner. Filled in the rest of the boxes, pressed the publish button, and success! Your book, the system informed me, will be available on the Amazon site in approximately twelve hours.
Twelve hours plus one minute later, I raced to the computer and logged in. Yes – there it was! My novel – my very own novel – up there for all the world to see and buy. Starry eyed, I floated up there on cloud nine, my imagination running riot as wonderful visions flashed through my mind – the fantastic reviews, the bestseller list. Move over J. K. Rowling, I’m on my way. When are they making the film?
Well, it was very nice up there in the clouds, but then reality set in. Did I say it was easy? Yes, I did – or to be more exact, I said that the publishing part was easy. Enthusiastic, impetuous and incredibly naïve, I hadn’t really thought further than that. But a couple of weeks later, I am just beginning to realise how much I still have to learn.
Watch this space!